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These By-Laws of the Filipino American Association of Alexander City and Neighboring

Counties (FAAACNC) have been amended by a quorum of the FAAACNC membership effective on

May 15, 2016.


     A.  The name of the association shall be Filipino American  Association of Alexander City and Neighboring Counties


     B.  The association may at its pleasure by a vote of the membership body change its name.

II.  GOAL - Mission Statement

The Filipino-American Association of Alexander City and Neighboring Counties is a venue for the Filipino-American families to unite, support one another, and work together to promote the Filipino culture in our immediate community

and for the betterment of our less fortunate children in the Philippines.


 The following are the objectives for which this association has been organized:

     A.  To build and enhance community awareness of the richness and uniqueness of our Filipino culture through

           educational, social, cultural, and community involvement activities.

     B.  To respond to members' request for assistance in time of need as the resources of the association allow.

     C.  To extend help and provide support in meeting some of the basic needs of the less fortunate children in the


     D.  To rally support from the community in order to respond to catastrophic events in the Philippines.


Membership of this association shall be open to anyone, 18 years of age and older, who support the cause of this association.

Membership status can either be individual or family.  Family membership is for husband and wife and children of minor age. 
 Individual membership is for one adult only.

 Membership is obtained and retained by paying the annual membership fee, being present in at least one membership meeting and one
 membership social activity of the association.


A.  The annual membership meeting of this association shall be held on a Sunday closest to the foundation day of this association,
             25th day of November.
      B.  The Secretary shall notify members of the association by phone, text or email messaging, Facebook and by posting the announcement
            in the website informing the members of the time and place of such annual meeting.
      C.  Meetings of this association shall be held as needed but no less than twice a year.  The President shall call such meetings giving, at least,
            two weeks advanced notice to the members.
      D.  Additional meetings of this association may be called by the President when she/he deems it for the best interest of the association.
            Notices of such meetings shall be posted on the website.  The Secretary shall communicate to the members the date, time and place
            of the meeting using the venues available as described in Part B.  Such notice shall state the reasons that such meeting has been called;
            the business to be transacted at such meeting and by whom it was called.
       E.  A quorum of the general meetings shall constitute the presence of eleven (11) members that must include the President or the Vice
            President to conduct the business of the association for which the meeting has been called.


At the meetings, except for the election of officers, all voting shall be by show of hands.  For the election of officers, ballots shall be
provided and there shall not appear in any place on such ballot anything that might tend to indicate the person who cast such ballot.  Each adult member is entitled to one vote.  Electronic voting by e-mail, when appropriate and needed, shall likewise be utilized.


A.  The business of the association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of current elected officers:  President, Vice
            President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Board of Directors may also be referred to as "the Board".  The newly elected President shall
            serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.
      B.  The meetings of the Board shall be referred to as "Executive Board Meetings".
      C.  The Board will direct, manage, lead, coordinate and supervise the operations, activities, resources and administration of the
            association to accomplish its goals and objectives.  The responsibilities of the Board shall include but not limited to the following:
                        1.  Plan the yearly activities of the association in accordance with its goals and objectives.
                        2.  Appoint chairpersons for the different working committees.
                        3. Prepare the annual budget.
                       4. Review fiscal resources and expenses regularly during Board meetings.
                        5. Monitor and evaluate activities in regards to the association's goals and objectives.
                        6. Handle concerns of individual members and specific projects to respond to the needs presented, locally and/or in the            
                        7. Meet as needed but no less than four times a year.
                       8. Communicate to all members a summary of deliberations and decisions reached at Board meetings.

      D.  The Board will be alert to prevent, as much as possible, and institute corrective action for fraud, abuse or misuse or misrepresentation  
             of the association or any other condition or action by a member or members that is contrary to the goals and objectives of the
      E.   Any Board member may be removed from office for cause.  Substantiation of any of the following actions requires immediate removal
            from office:  embezzlement, misuse of association funds, any felony or criminal misconduct, moral turpitude, or misuse of office for
            personal gain or profit.
      F.   Board members, excluding the one in question, shall review documents substantiating the cause for removal and by a unanimous
            decision, shall remove a board member from office.
     G.   A Board member who cannot complete his/her term of office shall be replaced by a special election if vacancy occurs mid-term or
            longer.  If the vacancy occurs six months or less prior to the end of the term, the Chief Executive Officer shall fill the vacancy by
     H.  A quorum of the Board meetings will consist of a minimum of three (3) members.


     A.  All elected officers shall serve a term of two (2) years.
     B.  The elected officers of the association and their corresponding responsibilities shall be as follows:
                    1. The President shall --
                                - determine the place and time of the Executive Board and membership meetings;
                                - conduct and preside over the Executive Board and membership meetings
                   2.  The Vice President shall --
                                - temporarily assume the duties of the President in the event that the President is unable to do so;
                                - work with the President in developing the agenda for the Executive Board and membership meetings.
                   3.  The Secretary shall --
                                - record attendance of all meetings;
                                - keep the minutes of all meetings.  The minutes shall accurately record all the actions taken by the Board at Executive Board
                                   meetings and actions taken by the membership during membership meetings;
                                - present the minutes of the preceding meeting for approval;
                                - communicate to the membership the time and place of membership meetings and activities.
                   4.  The Treasurer shall --
                                - keep an accurate record of the financial transactions of the association;
                                - prepare and present the budget for member approval;
                                - report to the Board during Executive meetings and to the membership during membership meetings the current status of
                                   income and expenditures of the association;
                                - receive membership dues, donations, and fund-raising money and keep accurate record of such in the Treasurer's Notebook;
                                - inform the President immediately of donations received so donors can be acknowledged promptly.


The success of the association rests on the joint effort of the members and its officers.  Each member shall have the following

     A.  Uphold the association's mission statement and objectives.
     B.  Participate in membership meetings and functions at least twice a year.
     C.  Actively participate in the endeavors of the committee/s with which she/he is affiliated.
     D. Pay annual membership dues.
     E. Immediately inform the Treasurer and turn over all donations, monetary and/or in kind, to the Treasurer, identifying the donor and the
         donor's contact information, unless donor has requested anonymity.
     F.  Promptly turn over receipts and/or tickets related to fund-raising activities to the Treasurer for proper accounting.


NO individual officer or member shall commit the association to any project or activity/ OR use the association's name for any voluntary project or activity without the consent of the Board.  The association shall not assume any responsibility for commitments that do not have Board approval.


      A.  Call to order.
      B.  Reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting.
      C.  Reports of officers
      D.  Old business
      E.  New business
      F.  Schedule of the next meeting
      G.  Adjournment


Community Outreach - responsible for coordinating volunteerism activities as a response to community needs and participation in
                                              community events and programs; responsible for coordinating efforts to respond to the needs of the less fortunate
                                              children in the  Philippines when a specific concern has been identified.

Education - responsible for sharing the Filipino culture through presentations in schools, civic clubs, faith communities and other groups
                        interested in learning about the Filipino culture.

Membership Outreach - responsible for communicating to the members any upcoming events and acting as a liaison between the executive
                        board and a member who is in need of assistance as well as welcoming prospective new members (Filipino/Filipino-American
                        families in the area).

Public Relations - responsible for press releases to local newspapers about the events or programs of the organization and posting
                       photos with brief descriptions of the events in the organization's website.


These By-laws may be amended by a vote of a quorum of Board of Directors and the amendments set by the Board shall likewise have an approval vote by a quorum of the members during the membership meeting.  Absentee members may cast their vote by e-mail.

Amended - May 15, 2016

Freddie Aguilar - Bayan Ko Tagalog
Freddie Aguilar (Anak)